Local 3D Design Company Knows Their Stuff!

Collin Kobayashi of 3D Innovations, LLC is impressive and really knows what he is talking about.  A product of the UH Manoa Innovation Center and the Hawaii High Tech Development Corp,  Collin shows what can be accomplished with a little support and encouragement.  Please see below for more information on a true success story here in Hawaii. 

3D Innovations is a Hawaii based Product Development company focused on providing engineering/design, prototyping, 3D Printing, and manufacturing solutions. We support companies who are ready to commercialize their products by developing functional prototypes, manufacture ready designs, and manufacturing/go to market strategies to enhance their competitiveness.

With our expertise, companies will be navigated through the complex process of manufacturing. Design For Manufacturability (DFM) is often a major hurdle in completing a design project but can be eliminated with our design methods.

Analyzing the digital design before building the physical prototypes will enable team members to provide valuable feedback while eliminating the initial cost of prototyping. Once the visualization process has been completed, projects can be quickly prototyped and tested by utilizing 3D Printing,

Additive Manufacturing and other Advanced Manufacturing processes. Virtual simulations can also be an important role in successfully predicting design functionality and have helped to reduce overall costs.

3D Printing is integrated into the design process to verify form, fit, and function which will reduce prototyping costs and turnaround time by as much as 400%.

With our network of production manufacturing partners, companies can take advantage of their manufacturing knowledge, advanced production systems, and quality assurance practices to ensure their projects are produced within design specifications and requirements.

Using the prototyping and manufacturing expertise of 3D Innovations, clients are able to have conceptual design turned into a fully functional prototypes and manufacturable products.