PBN Article about Reg Baker Advocay Work

By A. Kam Napier

 –  Editor-in-Chief, Pacific Business News

3 hours ago

A way to speak up

PBN reporter Anna Hrushka caught up with Reg Baker, managing partner of Reg Baker & Company, for an update on the regulations and taxes that affect small business in Hawaii. Reg was recently appointed to the Hawaii Small Business Regulatory Review Board and already sits on the federal Small Business Administration Regulatory Fairness Board.

One of his top goals is making sure small businesses even know the opportunity exists to speak out and be heard because, as he tells PBN, too few businesses are taking advantage of that opportunity right now.

He makes a good point so I wanted to echo it here. The state’s Small Business Regulatory Review Board was established in 1998 and has these responsibilities:

  • Commentary on small business impact statements to rule-drafting departments
  • Identifying and commenting on business impacts of existing administrative rules and regulations
  • Recommendations to the governor, state departments or the state legislature regarding the need for an administrative rule or legislative change
  • Recommendations to the mayors or county councils regarding county rules
  • Review of small business petitions and complaints on business impact

Those duties, how the board works, the calendar of meetings, minutes from past meetings, can all be found at dbedt.hawaii.gov/sbrrb/. Read Anna’s story in full at bizj.us/1pdjhw.

Many business owners grumble to us about how hard it is to start and operate a small business in this town. If you have time to grumble, you have time to attend a meeting or, at the very least, submit a complaint online about a specific rule or regulation that is making problems for you. You can do that at the website I listed above, too.