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Small and Mid-sized Business Services (SMB’s)

We offer through our Team Members a full range of SMB services including advisory, accounting, bookkeeping, Controller & CFO Services, succession planning, regulatory enforcement actions, contract negotiations and owner wealth management services.  Please email us to schedule a time we can fully discuss the full range of SMB services we offer in detail.  All are customized to fit your exact needs.

Tax Planning and Preparation

We can provide tax planning and preparation services for all type of clients including Individuals, SMB’s, Trusts, LLC’s, Sub S’s and C Corporations.  Our fees are competitive.  We work with you as a team to minimize taxes and maximize what you keep.

 Trust Services

We can work with you and your estate planning attorney to design a trust to meet your specific requirements.  We can serve as Trustee if necessary and ensure that your instructions are followed. 

Stressed Company Services:

We work with you and your company staff to evaluate the reasons for company’s financial stress and design a turnaround plan to address the problem.  If necessary we can work with you and the bankruptcy court to design a workout plan and get you and your company out of bankruptcy as fast as possible.

Valuations, Mergers and Acquisitions:

As a Team we work to design an exit strategy with a plan to implement.  Depending on the circumstances we can advise on maximizing or minimizing company value, structure the company for sale and assist finding a buyer and executing the sale. 

Taxpayer Representation:

Should there be a tax compliance issue, past due tax debt or a tax audit in process we can represent you and/or your company to settle the case as quickly as possible. 

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