Ocean Legends and Wounded Warrior Diving

It was so interesting to learn about Darren Fox and his International Diving Academy called Ocean Legends. Starting from nothing he has built a company that serves international clients and is opening additional locations in southern California and Florida (Tampa Bay area).

They are the first and only dive company in the US that has been approved and certified by the VA for rebreather training and certification. What an accomplishment for a local company!!

They offer a number of certifications such as recreational diving, commercial diving and movie production diving. If you ever thought about giving diving a try, they offer family rates and individualized courses. They have a dive boat to that allows for a wide variety of diving experiences for the entire family.

For those that want a new career, you can get certified and trained to be a commercial dive. And if a veteran the VA will pay for it!

Please watch the video to learn more and how easy it is to get started.

Ray Tsuchiyama - Local Boy with Global Perspective

We have amazing talent and experience right here in Hawaii if we only take the time and look for it. Sometimes we get too caught up with what is happening on the mainland (which we have no control over) and we lose sight of what is happening right here in our own backyard (which we can control).

Ray Tsuchiyama has vast international experience and a global perspective. He is also a “local” having grown up in Kalihi and graduated from Farrington High School. His perspective is refreshing and valuable for Hawaii to move forward and address the numerous issues she faces today.

Take a few minutes and listen to what Ray has to say about Hawaii from a global perspective and a large dose of international experience.

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Native Hawaiian, Woman Owned, SBA Success Story

Aloha –

So good to be back and in the saddle again.  Had a fantastic show with Lia Hunt Young of Goldwing Supply Service and Dennis Wong from Hawaii National Bank.  Two very dynamic individuals. 

Lia’s company is a Native Hawaiian, women owned, 2nd generation and SBA Certified small business success! Very impressive story of taking over a company and making it grow and compete.  

Everyone have a great weekend and see you next week!

Very Busy World of Senator Josh Green

Aloha – 

Senator Green is a busy guy!  And if (correction - when) he wins the next Lieutenant Governors election he will be busier than ever!  Such a down to earth and articulate guy.  

Headed to Washington DC late next week for the annual US Small Business Administration (SBA) Board of Directors meeting for Regulatory Fairness.  I will be making congressional testimony on two separate issues (representing the four Liquor Commissions in Hawaii and the Jones Act).  As chair of the Region IX (southwestern states), I will also be coordinating a break out session for prioritizing issues to address for the Region and reporting back to the full Board.  Should be a very busy Board meeting!

Aloha till next week!

Quarterly Commentary - Medical Tourism, North Korea and RAIL

Do you know what medical tourism is?  

This week’s commentary discusses the concept and how it can help the local economy plus North Korea and the Rail (again).  

Here’s the link and please enjoy: https://youtu.be/G7QtOUcvRH0?t=23 

Headed to the SBA Board meeting in DC on August 25.  Should be very interesting this year with the focus on regulatory reduction and reform on the agenda. Will be providing testimony on behalf of the four liquor commissions in Hawaii plus the Jones Act with Grassroots CEO Keli’i Akina. 

Healthcare in Hawaii - Growing Problem

Aloha –

Healthcare in Hawaii is huge and growing.  As our population grows older and lives longer the need will escalate and qualified staff will become an acute problem.  The time to fix this is now, not when it becomes critical.  If we wait much longer this will just be one more reason for our elders to move to the mainland for care and our youth to move to the mainland for the opportunity. 

I chat with Matt Delaney and Terry B about their efforts to address this very important issue.

Special Session Update with Gene Ward

This week’s Show we discussed the special session that the Governor announced for the end of August.  Hold on to your wallets!!  More taxes coming to fund an outdated and obsolete elevated fixed rail system that will never cover its own operating costs.  It is also the most expensive rail system ever built in the US.  Sounds like another Super Ferry failure on steroids!!  Here is the link - https://youtu.be/LYs0Y5o5K-A?t=24

Bar and Resturant Legal Update

Did you know that the stacking rules for drinks have changed??    Mia Obciana, who is an attorney that has extensive experience in the restaurant and bar business in Hawaii, provides us an update and provides some thoughts on how to stay out for trouble.  The restaurant and bar business is complicated and risky and you need someone like Mia to guide you though the minefield.