The Future of the GOP

Anyone with any sense knows that the future of the GOP (or any political party for that matter) lies with the younger generation. Time for some new blood, new perspectives and a lot of collaboration.

Andria Tupola is exactly what the GOP needs. Here is her impressive interview on Business in Hawaii with Reg Baker.

Business in Hawaii and Workers Comp 101

Workers Comp is an important safety net that we should all appreciate and have a better understanding of.  Please join Dr. Scott McCaffrey, Senator Matt Matsunaga, Esq. (and yes, Matt is the Son of US Senator Sparky Matsunaga) and myself as we discuss this very important program. 

The Maui Chamber

The Maui Chamber of Commerce rocks!  They have so much going on and so many events.  Get caught up on all that the Maui Chamber offers in this weeks Business in Hawaii show with Reg Baker

Bank of Hawaii Update


I had a great time with Kevin Sakamoto of Bank of Hawaii walking down memory lane. 

About 25 years ago, I worked for the Bank of Hawaii as the Manager of the International Operations, Finance and Administration.  The Bank of Hawaii has changed quite a bit since then and has become more innovative, efficient and technology focused.  Kevin explained how the Bank has evolved and become the power house of banking it is today.

SBA Update with Jane Sawyer and Reg Baker

The SBA always has so much going on.  Working with Bankers, Small Businesses and various organizations around the state to ensure a healthy and thriving small business environment. Jane Sawyer leads the SBA Team in the Pacific and is an amazing example of how one person can make a difference.

Hawaii Taxes Skyrocketing!!

Hold on to your wallets!! Hawaii taxes likely to significantly increase this year.  Tom Yamachika, President of the Tax Foundation of Hawaii, joins Reg Baker on Business in Hawaii to discuss the various proposed new taxes in Hawaii.  Scary times and Holloween still months away!